By Devin Wakefield

Why Do You Want to Exercise? Find Your Own Motivational Answer!

Your answer should motivate you to exercise. Whenever you feel down and out, I hope your answer moves you (literally!). Whatever you decide on, write it down & put it where you’ll see it again. The reason doesn’t have to be perfect — if it stops working, try a new reason. Let’s look at a couple of options and note the strengths and weaknesses.

• “I want to exercise; shut up & get out of my way!”

I love this answer. To me, it has great energy. It’s simple, invigorating & quick. You can’t second guess yourself — this answer’s cosmic vibrations blast a poor attitude out of your way: “My bulging biceps and I have an appointment and I don’t have time for stupid questions.”

• “Exercise keeps me healthy.”

This answer motivates me too. No one likes to be sick, least of all us CFers. Personally, my booty and I did not sign up for coughing up blood, just getting PUMPED! Bye!

• “I wanna look sexy.”

My problem with this reason, dear reader, is you are already so sexy. Also, trying to be “sexy” is ultimately about trying to please someone else. I highly encourage working out for you! People come and go, but you will always be with you. Further, this reason can become harmful if you develop unhealthy thoughts related to being “sexy.” Everyone’s concept of sexy is different – it gets confusing fast. We don’t have time for sexy calculus, we only have time to sweat!

• “My doctor gives me the stink-eye whenever I say I work out by walking to the freezer and back to bed while I lift ice cream to my mouth. At least it will get them off my back.”

I give this answer points for the hand-to-mouth coordination, but this also puts the spotlight on someone else. Again, try to be here for you! What matters to you? What values do you want to live by? You will reap the harvest.

I hope you can find one or two reasons that keep you going. You deserve your health, and you deserve to stay fit. I believe in you!

Devin Wakefield is 30 years old and has CF. He lives in Seattle, WA. In his free time, he likes to run, hike, and backpack. He is a writer for CFRI’s Community Blog.