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Since 1975, CFRI has supported CF research at well-established medical facilities through the funding of grants. Our investment in new ideas has enabled researchers to bring new perspectives to the study of this disease. Those involved in varied disciplines of research are encouraged to submit grants to advance our current understanding of cystic fibrosis.

CFRI research is funded through two programs: the Elizabeth Nash Memorial Fellowship and the New Horizons Campaign. Both programs are governed by the Research Advisory Committee (RAC), a group of volunteers who include researchers, clinical physicians, adults with CF, and parents of those with CF. Staff and Board representatives attend as well.

All research proposals for these two programs are submitted to the RAC. Those considered for funding are subject to a rigorous peer review process. Results are ranked by the Committee based on reviewers’ comments, and these recommendations are forwarded to the Board of Directors for evaluation. CFRI funding for research is approved by the Voting Membership of the organization.


Moving Research Forward

As researchers answer questions on the molecular and biochemical mechanisms of CF, more questions follow as the complexity of this disease is encountered. This is why the dedication of CFRI in supporting research is so important.

CFRI’s programs—the Elizabeth Nash Memorial Fellowship and the New Horizons Campaign—have funded research such as Pseudomonas and its interaction with the epithelium, alternate signaling pathways that induce chloride channel function, the role of calcium-activated chloride channels in the lung, antioxidants and the CF lung, mucous gland regulation and secretion, and CF lung microbial populations and their role in susceptibility to infection—all critical issues for CF patients.

The grants we receive are high quality, peer reviewed, and thoughtfully evaluated by Research Advisory Committee members before final funding recommendations are made. My only regret as chair of the RAC is that we don’t have enough funds to support all the proposals we receive.

CFRI Research Advisory Committee
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