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Volunteers are the heart of CFRI

CFRI is fortunate to have a diverse Board of Directors and motivated committee members across the country who generously volunteer their time and help our small staff operate effectively and efficiently. With this varied pool of talent, we continue to grow and meet the needs of the CF community.

CFRI’s volunteer involvement maximizes the value of the financial support we receive keeping our administrative costs low. This means that we are able to fund more of the CF research and education initiatives that improve the quality of life for those with cystic fibrosis.

We welcome your participation as a volunteer, or as a "CFRI Ambassador" to speak in your community!

Please contact us at 855.237.4669 (toll free) or to ask about our current needs. Your caring support will bring hope to thousands of individuals living with cystic fibrosis, including those who have just started their CF journey.

A Volunteer's Perspective

I have wonderful friends and a very supportive community to draw upon ever since I walked through the doors of CFRI as a volunteer over 20 years ago. What brought me here is my dear niece who has struggled with CF all her life. Happily, she is now 25 years old and is managing the ups and downs of CF as best as she can.

Through my association with CFRI, I've been able to offer information to my niece about CF while also serving on the Conference and Newsletter Committees through the years. My niece is the reason I came to CFRI as a volunteer and she is the reason I stay. CFRI's influence and effect on the lives of those of us who live with and around CF has been tremendous.

Francine Bion
Aunt of Adult with CF
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