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CFRI's CF Summer Retreat
Sunday, July 30 - Saturday, August 5, 2017
Vallombrosa Center in Menlo Park, California

Who Can Come:
Adults 18 and over living with CF*, their family members, friends and health care providers may attend the CF Summer Retreat.

Purpose of the Retreat:
The retreat provides a safe and welcoming environment aimed at enhancing positive coping skills,
social support and education for people who share common experiences with CF.

What We Do:
Activities that promote health include daily exercise, arts and crafts, rap sessions, and educational workshops with
guest speakers. Fun group-bonding activities include a talent show, games, and time to hang out and get to know others.

$90 per person for the entire week and daily fees are $18 per day for visitors.
Overnight accommodations and transportation are the responsibility of participants. Scholarships are available.

To ensure good health for all, participants must adhere with CFRI's Infection Control Policy.
A medical advisor is available throughout the day and early evenings at the retreat and
Stanford CF Center is located nearby. Volunteers are also available to assist with treatments if needed.
* Participants with CF must obtain a sputum culture and provide a medical release form signed by
a physician before the retreat. To assess whether or not you are able to attend the retreat,
please read CFRI's Infection Control Policy and please consult with your physician: click here.

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To apply for a scholarship, click here or go to retreatscholarshipapplication.shtml

To attend the retreat, people with CF must complete a sputum culture between June 15, 2017 and July 21, 2017,
and the following forms must arrive at the CFRI office by July 27, 2017.

Medical Release Form

Activity and Emergency Form

Release from Liability

The CF Summer Retreat is made possible through the
generous support of AbbVie and Gilead Sciences
as well as through individual contributions.

To support the retreat, please ask friends to make a donation to
the "Love Heals" campaign today:

2017 CF Summer Retreat - Love Heals Campaign

If you have any questions, please contact Mary at (650) 665-7559 or

Thank you!

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