What Some of Our Past Participants Had to Say About the CF Conference

Summer 1998

…nice program and very well-organized…good variety of topics…always nice to hear from
CF adults on panel.

                – R.N. caregiver

As a parent, I found the workshops absolutely incredible. It’s great to hear how other parents handle the day-
to-day problems associated with CF.

                – A parent

This is a fantastic conference. Thank you.

                – A parent

Really loved the support and help in the CF Adults session.

                – 21-year old CF adult

The ‘CF Adult Panel’ is always one of the most informative and enjoyable parts of the CF conference. In the "Children aged 6 –11 Workshop’ we didn’t even need a facilitator – we had so much to share we couldn’t stop talking!!

                – A parent

The ‘Ask the Doctors’ panel session is an excellent opportunity for us to get the answers from the ‘horse’s mouth’.

                – 53-year old adult with CF

This was a great educational event. Keep up the good work.

                – A parent

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