Art Workshops

Summer 1998

Do you know anyone with CF (or family members or caregivers) who would enjoy exploring self-expression in art? They are invited to join three poets, two visual artists, and one performance artist in art workshops that use clay, paint, collage, and the written word. The workshops are offered by LifeLines, a community art program located in the Bay Area. Their purpose is best summed up by these words from their brochure: "Art is about being human. To express our humanness thorough the arts validates our sense of self-worth and identity. It restores our balance when we are off-center; it is our prescription for well-being. Through non-directed, non-intrusive projects, LifeLines creates a safe space that gives permission for artistic expressionto flow."

"We are a hairsbreadth away from getting a grant to do a video, which means we will be offering new workshops," says Nina Koepcke, a sculptor who helps direct the workshops. She invites interested people to leave a message with her at 408-269-3228

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