In Loving Memory of Allicia Groy

May 19, 1989 - March 26, 1997

Summer 1998

Seven-year old Allicia Groy of Fernley, Nevada, lost her fight with cystic fibrosis on March 26, 1997 after having a triple transplant on December 30, 1996 at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. She required a small bowel, liver and pancreas because she suffered from advanced liver disease and digestive disorders. Even though she went through 44 surgeries in her short lifetime, she always managed to keep a smile on her face. She leaves her parents, older sister Amanda, and younger brother Zebidiah. The poem, On Loan, was sent to us by Tammy Groy, Allicia’s mother. The CFRI community extends its deepest sorrow to the Groy family for the loss of their precious daughter.

On Loan

You have joined a privileged few,

God lent a precious
child to you.

Fair of face, filled with
His grace.

Heaven’s light is
in their eyes,

A miracle no one denies.

How quick we are to call them "mine"

But remember, they’re on loan for just a time.

God may have need of
the angel He lent,

So savor each second
that angel is sent.

There is a reason,
when time is brief,

Everyone questions,
why such grief?

Someday the answers
will come,

But perhaps not until our time is done.

Remember they are just
on loan, on loan

To love, on loan to teach, perhaps on loan

Our hearts to reach.

The minutes are precious, don’t waste even two,

Because this precious life
is on loan to you.

The preceding poem is a favorite of the Groy family. It was written by a parent of a child with CF whom they met at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

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