New Editor of CFRI News

Spring 1998

While our past Editor-in-Chief of CFRI News, Kathleen Flynn, takes on the challenging role as CFRI's Board President, Francine Bion is excited about her new challenge as CFRI News Editor in Chief. Francine has been a CFRI volunteer and Board member for over four years, and is active in CF fundraising and outreach because she has a 14-year-old niece, Lauren, with cystic fibrosis. Francine describes her activities at CFRI as being on the "information end of things." She has been writing and editing for CFRI News since she became a member of CFRI, and she's served as Public Relations chair. Francine introduced electronic mail to the CFRI office, and is currently leading the effort to create a CFRI Web site. She helps raise funds for CFRI through her work on the Golf Committee and the Mother's Day Tea.

Her professional experience includes managing the hotline and publications for the first Internet Network Information Center, and starting up a technical publications group for a major computer network company here in the Bay Area. She looks forward to the task of keeping you and the rest of CFRI's community informed about cystic fibrosis-related matters, and hopes she also can inspire volunteers to become CFRI News writers and editors (she supports telecommuting for all of you aspiring long-distance writers and editors!)

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