The Land of Imagination - a New Playground in Santa Rosa, California

Spring 1998

A new playground called The Land of Imagination is being built in Howarth Park in Santa Rosa, California, in memory of Sandy Robbe Schukle who played at the park when she was a young girl. She died of CF at age 39 five years ago. This playground is designed so that all disabled children can fully enjoy it. Sandy owned a sailboat that she would sail in the park's lake and impressed all with her upbeat attitude. Her father's service organization, The Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, raised $50,000 toward the price of the new playground. A plaque with Sandy's photo will be at the park gate when the new playground opens this spring.

"I know Sandy would have been really honored," said her mother, Genevieve Robbe, who is a Mother's Day Tea sender for CFRI.

At The Land of Imagination, kids will poke around for dinosaur-like bones in a sandbox for "archaeological digging" at a level accessible for wheelchairs. Like many playground activities, it will appeal to the sense of touch so that blind children can enjoy it. A swing set will be set up so kids in wheelchairs can get on. Also planned are a lizard with scales kids can touch, bark huts and a drumming circle reflecting Native American culture, and an "Old West" town, a Mexican village, an earthquake zone, and a 25-foot- high climbing net.

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