Research Funded in 1996

CFRI News, Spring 1997

CFRI funds research in two cycles every year. Last year the following researchers and their proposals were recommended for funding by the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) and approved by the Board of Directors and General Membership of CFRI. Total funds awarded: $247,004.00.

Spring Cycle

Jacob Bastacky, M.D., Oakland Children's Hospital. Proposal title: "Elemental Composition of Airway Surface Liquid." Dr. Bastacky is taking tissue from the lungs and sinuses of CF patients to further study the airway surface layer. Amount funded: $35,000.

William Welch, Ph.D., University of California at San Francisco. Proposal title: "Designing Novel Ways to Correct Mutant CF Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Protein Maturation." Dr. Welch continues his study of CFTR trafficking to the cell membranes. Amount funded: $25,000.

Jeffrey Wine, Ph.D., Stanford University. Proposal title: "Basic Biology of Cystic Fibrosis." Dr. Wine continues his basic research into cystic fibrosis, including the study of CF in monkeys, the best cell lines, and how CFTR works in a channel. Amount funded: $17,000.

Horst Fischer, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine. Proposal title: "Role of CFTR and other Cl Channels in Cl Secretion and Cystic Fibrosis." Dr. Fischer is furthering his molecular biology research on chloride secretion of epithelial cells. Amount funded: $20,000.

William Reenstra, Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University, Delaware. Proposal title: "Potentiation of cAMP-dependent channel activity in Delta F508 CFTR by genistein." Dr. Reenstra is studying the effect of a drug called genistein on CFTR channel activity. Amount funded: $10,000. Stipends for two undergraduate students studing CF, Oakland Children's Hospital. Amount funded: $5,004.

Fall Cycle

Walt Finkbeiner, M.D., Ph.D., University of California at San Francisco. Proposal title: "Culture of Tracheobronchial Serous Gland Cells." Dr. Finkbeiner is developing methods to obtain pure cultures of lung serous gland cells, the main CFTR-bearing cells in the lung. Amount funded: $25,500.

Hsiao-Ping Moore, Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley. Proposal title: "The Molecular Basis for Intracellular Retention of CFTR in CF." Dr. Moore is screening for mutant yeasts that retain membrane proteins similar to CFTR, identifying the genes responsible, and ultimately using this information for new approaches to treatment of CF. Amount funded: $28,000.

Phyllis Gardner, M.D., Stanford University. Proposal title: "Evaluation of Adeno- Associated-Virus Mediated CFTR Gene Transfer." Dr. Gardner has started Phase II trials of her gene transfer study using the sinuses. Amount funded: $36,500.

Richard Moss, M.D., Director of the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford. Proposal title: "Electron-Beam-Computed Tomography." See page 1 of this issue for more details. Amount awarded: $35,000.

Horst Fischer, Ph.D., Oakland Children's Hospital. Proposal title: "Regulation of CFTR by Protein Kinases." Dr. Fischer is determining the effects of different protein kinases (a kind of enzyme) in stimulating CFTR in its open-closed switching, as well as other studies involving the activation of kinases. Amount awarded: $10,000.

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