CFRI Says Good-bye to Jeanne Lybrand...We Miss You Very Much

In loving Memory of Jeanne Lybrand, November 4, 1948 - October 1, 1993

Spring 1997

Be all you can be. No one can hurt you. Trust yourself, your feelings and smile even when you think you can't. Many hospital stays, yet many departures. See the good in each day, the sun, the flowers, the wind.

When I walked the hospital halls I would pretend I was walking the beaches of Maui. I felt the sun on my back, the sand in my toes, and the most beautiful blue water ahead of me. Then I'd soak away the discomforts I may have felt. I listened a lot to music, read lots of books, cried, and when I got angry threw strawberries at the wall. I cleaned up the mess, but I got out the aggression.

One of my best times in the hospital was when my doc and I played catch in the hallway. I got to laugh and he got rid of his stress also. We had a grand time eating popcorn and just being normal.

I'm very grateful to a lot of people who have shared their love and care. I just hope I've given them something in return.

Make the most of the moment at hand, forget about yesterday and tomorrow is too far away. Just breathe in a little peace and exhale a lot of love.

-- Jeanne Lybrand

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