Thanks for the Following 1996 Fundraising Efforts From...

Spring 1997

..Bob and Nadine Mackey, Pam and Dan Shultz and the Mackey Foundation of San Jose, California for their Tenth Annual Robert J. Mackey, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament that netted $17,500. Since the tournament's inception ten years ago, it has netted a total of $179,000 for CF research in memory of their son, Robert J. Mackey, Jr.

..Vernon Schmall, Director of the Fourth Annual Tomato Classic Golf Tournament held in Fresno, California, and organizers John Bishop, Fred Nichols and Rogelio Flores who netted $5,000 for CF research. Vernon is the father of Christen who has cystic fibrosis. The Tomato Classic celebrates the end of the valley tomato harvest while raising awareness and money for cystic fibrosis.

..Jim McRhoads and the Almaden Kiwanis Club in San Jose, California, for netting over $4,000 for CF research at their annual golf tournament at the Almaden Country Club. Jim is the grandfather of Sean and Rebecca who have cystic fibrosis.

..Myrtie Boore of Monterey, California, and her sister-in-law, Mary Tripp, of Half Moon Bay, California for making gift tags and note cards that raised over $3,900 for cystic fibrosis research and education. Mary lost two daughters (Myrtie's nieces) to CF, Maureen and Phyllis.

..Jim Hampton, Program Manager at KKIQ Radio, and their staff, for the Prom-for- Adults held on a yacht cruising San Francisco Bay. The event netted $2,860. Jim's twin daughters, Alec and Liz, have cystic fibrosis.

..Ann, David, Matt, Ben and Nicholas Cook of Edgewood, Kentucky for netting $1,898 for cystic fibrosis research during the Cook family read-a-thon. Nicholas, age three, has cystic fibrosis.

..Dan Bieber and George Marshall, owners of Sports Restaurants in Walnut Creek, California, for their annual golf tournament which netted $1,500 for cystic fibrosis research.

..The Modesto Fire Fighters for raising $1,000 in raffle proceeds at their Modesto Firefighters CF Golf Tournament Banquet. The money is earmarked for the CF Family Retreat. Thomas Reuscher, firefighter and committee chair, has a son, Michael, with CF.

..George and Anne Graham, and Dennis and Bette Bedford of the Robert Burns Charities in San Jose, California, who raised $900 for cystic fibrosis research at the 1997 Robert Burns Foundation Dinner and Dance in memory of Douglas Graham who died of CF.

..Steven Michaels and Ryan Weible for their variety show production, Mindscape, held in Walnut Creek, California, which brought in $891 for cystic fibrosis research. Steven has a cousin, Danny Martinez who has cystic fibrosis.

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