How Volunteers Are Making a Difference!

Spring 1996

The 11th Annual Cystic Fibrosis Invitational golf tournament, held at Almaden Country Club in San Jose, California, netted $20,864 for CF research and education. Thanks to Chairpersons Mike Roanhaus and Ralph Swanson, golf professional Scott Hoyt, his wife Anne and their outstanding golf committee who made the event a huge success. Mike's daughter, Rebecca, Ralph's daughter, Larissa, and Scott and Anne's daughter, Erin, all have cystic fibrosis.

The Ninth Annual Robert J. Mackey Memorial Golf Tournament, held in San Jose, California, netted $16,737 for CF research thanks to tournament chairpersons Bob and Nadine Mackey, parents of Robert who has passed away. Their daughter, Pam Schultz, and their outstanding golf committee which consists of 11 family friends, helped to make the event a tremendous success.

The Second Annual Tennis Teach-a-thon in Santa Fe, New Mexico, raised $9,538. Thank you to Daryl Mechem who organized and chaired the extraordinary event and to his dedicated committee of volunteers. During the event, Daryl taught tennis lessons for 24 consecutive hours to raise the money.

Gift Tags, Note Cards and All Occasion Cards sales raised $5,293 for cystic fibrosis research and education during 1995. These beautifully crafted cards and tags were made from recycled holiday and greeting cards by Myrtie Boore of Monterey, California, and her sister-in-law, Mary Tripp of Half Moon Bay, California. Thank you to these talented ladies, their husbands and the many volunteers who sold the finished products. Mary lost two daughters (Myrtie's nieces) to cystic fibrosis.

The Ride 'n Stride Walk-a-thon and Bike-a-thon held in Mountain View, California, netted $4,661 for cystic fibrosis research and education. Thank you to Chairperson Ed Kinney, Jr. and his hard working committee who put on this fun event. Also thanks to Sandy Ostrau for the beautiful design donated for the event's T-shirts.

The Tomato Classic Golf Tournament in Fresno, California, raised $3,500 for CF research. Thank you to Chairperson, Vernon Schmall and his golf committee which included Rogelio Flores, John Bishop and Fred Nichols. Vernon is the father of Christen, who has cystic fibrosis.

The Legends Cystic Fibrosis Invitational golf tournament held in Walnut Creek, California, raised $2,000 for CF research thanks to Chairpersons George Marshall and Dan Bieber, the Legends staff and the many volunteers. George and Dan are friends of Victoria Threshie and Clark Huddleston who have cystic fibrosis.

The Almaden Kiwanis Club Golf Tourney held in San Jose, California, raised $2,000 for CF research. Thank you to Jim McRhoades and the Almaden Kiwanis Club for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of all children and adults with cystic fibrosis. Jim is the grandfather of Sean and Rebecca who have cystic fibrosis.

St. Monica's Young Ladies Institute in Willows, California Walk-a-thon, Luncheon, Bake Sale & Raffle raised $1,723 for Leah Bailey to attend last year's CFRI Summer Camp. Thank you to organizer Nina Carriere, and to all the volunteers and walkers. Thank you also to Leah Bailey, age 13, and her nurse, Jill Wangberg, who were eager walkers.

The Bambi Inn Fun Run held in Butte Meadows, California, raised $1,200 for CF research. Thank you to Les and Mary Richer and other volunteers who made the event such a success.

The 1st Annual Monster Bash, a gala Halloween costume party held in Sonora, California, raised $992 for cystic fibrosis research. Thank you to organizers Dennis and Elizabeth Tanko and Dave and Cheri Cowden whose niece, Sadie Anderson, has cystic fibrosis.

The Robert Burns Foundation Dinner and Dance held in San Jose, California, raised $900 for cystic fibrosis research in memory of Douglas Graham, who died with cystic fibrosis. Thank you to George and Anne Graham, parents of Douglas, and Dennis and Bette Bedford who together donated these funds to cystic fibrosis research.

The Monterey Arabian Horse Show, formerly held in Monterey, California, donated its remaining balance of $813 from their last horse show for cystic fibrosis research. Thanks to organizers David Bindel, Paul Trujillo, Dr. Mike Black, Edith Schlotterbeck, and to volunteers Bill and Norma Kipp, Myrtie and Burt Boore, Joe and Shaaron Walton and Bill and Millie House and to the many horse show volunteers who contributed to this enjoyable event over the years.

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