United Way Donor Designations to CFRI

Fall 1996

Employers often encourage charitable contributions through United Way and some companies will only match those donations. If you want to contribute to CFRI through United Way, it will be most welcome. For those of you who do, please read the following carefully.

CFRI is not an "official" United Way organization. Therefore, United Way will not match your gift and we will not be listed on their readily available list of organizations to which you can contribute. You must carefully fill out a donor designation card at your workplace that includes our full name and address. We suggest that you request a written acknowledgment of your gift from CFRI so you will know that United Way has routed it to the correct organization. You can then be assured that United Way has received your pledge and that they have informed CFRI about your pledge. We receive a list of both the donors and the amount of your contributions. Unfortunately, the actual transfer of funds can take up to two years. When funds arrive they are not tagged with contributors' names, so there is no way for us to track that the amount you might have pledged actually did arrive. Also, United Way takes 12 to 20 percent of your contribution as a processing charge (variable depending on county of origin). To find out the amount of the processing charge for your particular United Way, please consult your employee United Way representative.

During 1995 CFRI received over $6,100 through United Way Donor Designations. We appreciate all gifts, and trust that you will choose to contribute to cystic fibrosis research and education in the manner that works best for you.

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