It's a Read-a-thon!

Fall 1996

After being inspired by Ed Jensen's bike ride (see article "Ed Jensen Rides Again"), the Cook family of Edgewood, Kentucky felt they wanted to stage a fund raiser in their neighborhood. After careful thought, they settled on a read-a-thon, something the whole family could participate in. On November 9th, Matt (age nine) and Ben (age seven) and their parents, Ann and David Cook held a read-a-thon in their home. They read until they collectively finished 100 books. Nicholas, age 2, who has cystic fibrosis, also participated by choosing books the boys and his parents could read to him.

The Cooks carefully designed a flier asking friends to donate $0.10, $0.25 or $0.50 a book to CFRI. Both older boys wrote poems for the flier that expressed their feelings about their little brother's CF and they eagerly participated in the reading fund raiser. If you would like to contribute to their read-a-thon, send a check to the CFRI office marked "Read-a-thon." If you have your own idea for a fund raiser that you would like to have in your neighborhood, don't hesitate to call the CFRI office. We may be able to help you with ideas, details and encouragement!

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