Good News for People and Families with CF

by Jane McCabe

Spring 1995

Twins OK After Earthquake

Ana and Isa Stenzel, 21-year-old American twins who both have CF, were recently featured in our "Good News" column in the Summer 1994 issue of CFRI News. Having recently graduated, we reported that they were both spending a year in Japan teaching English. They are stationed about 50 miles from Kobe, Japan, and were quite shaken by the recent earthquake. Luckily they are fine. They find some aspects of Japanese health care frustrating, for example, they don't do home I.V.'s in Japan. Instead, hospitalization is required. But overall, their teaching is going well; both women are teaching English about 20 hours a week.

Youngest Mountain Climber?

Adam Oneto, a fourth grader from Chester, California, climbs mountains despite his CF. He has climbed Mt. Lassen two times, most recently last June.

"It's sort of hard. It takes three hours. But there's a good view from the top of the mountain," Adam said in a recent interview. "You can see part of Lake Almador."

Dust was no problem, nor was breathing at the high altitude, the ten-year-old mountain climber reports. Adam's brother, Garret, and two uncles accompanied him on the climb.

When he's not climbing mountains, Adam likes to ride his dirt bike, go fishing, and go shooting. He is one of six children in the Oneto family, so he has lots of company on his adventures. But Adam especially likes to help his dad, Roxy Oneto, with splitting wood and other chores. "He's always volunteering to help," Roxy said. It's obvious that his CF does not interfere with his enthusiasm and level of achievement.

Food Supplement Keeps her on her Toes!

Tarynn Stineman is six-and-a-half years old and loves to dance. Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was six months old because of chronic dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, her early years were typical. She suffered from multiple colds with chronic secondary infections requiring fairly consistent antibiotic usage. Lately, though, her health has improved! She is no longer as readily susceptible to colds and their consequences.

Tarynn's mom (Gigi Sample-Stineman) attributes this "chronic wellness" to KM, an alternative health product/food supplement. KM is composed of 14 herbs, each one used for centuries with beneficial results. Gigi says that KM balances chemicals and pH in the body and increases oxygen in the blood. "I tried it first," Gigi says with a laugh. "There was no way I was going to give her something like that without trying it myself." When she felt sure that it was safe and beneficial, she had Tarynn try it. Mom and daughter are also experimenting with fruit juice and vegetable capsules and finding positive results. Meanwhile, Tarynn has had the good health and energy required to study ballet twice a week, as well as practice for and perform in last Christmas season's presentation of The Nutcracker Ballet. When she's not dancing, Tarynn is out running with her six-month-old black Labrador puppy, Ivy.

Tarynn is also lucky to have a very loving and supportive set of grandparents, Bob and Louise Sample. Bob served on the Board of Directors for CFRI for several years and both grandparents were regular attendees of our general meetings. And they have both tried KM! Gigi will be happy to share more information about KM. You can reach her at (909) 825-5080. Editor's note: Do you have any health tips, orthodox or otherwise? Do you know anyone with CF who is about to graduate or pass another of life's milestones? We all are heartened by stories of people with CF who are living well.

If you know any good news about people with CF, please contact us through the CFRI Office.

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