Message From the Executive Director

Spring 1995

Thank you for donating to CFRI and helping us move forward and save precious lives. Your generosity during 1994 has enabled us to help many more people having cystic fibrosis.

Your donations go a long way at CFRI because we are frugal and spend our money with care. While other nonprofits hire a fund-raising coordinator for each fund-raising event, our educational programs such as the CF Conference, this newsletter, monthly education presentations and all fundraising efforts (the Valentine, Mother's Day Tea and Special Gifts mailings) are handled from my desk. I oversee and work with energetic volunteers who chair our Golf Tournament, the "Ride 'n Stride" bike/walk-a-thon, and all of our other events. During the last year only three part-time office workers and six regular office volunteers processed close to 9,700 donations totaling over $476,000! This is an incredible accomplishment for such a small office with mostly unpaid help.

Because of your generosity and our ability to utilize volunteers instead of paid staff to put on our events, CFRI is able to sponsor a variety of programs that are helping children and adults with CF and their families. We were able to fund over $274,000 for outstanding cystic fibrosis research in 1994 which you can read about on page three. We also publish and mail this newsletter to over 13,000 readers, sponsor the CFRI Summer Camp at Camp Campbell (see page 8), and hold our regional CF Educational Conference (see page 1 for the exciting developments of this year's CFRI/IACFA Education Conference). Your contributions also allow for research talks and panel discussions which we can preserve on videotape for your benefit.

Not many nonprofits can raise so much money with such a small paid staff, so you are getting a great bargain when you donate money to CFRI. Although we are small, we consider ourselves a national support organization with a community extending far beyond just the San Francisco Bay Area, where we are located. We make our services available to families all over the country. If you would like to help us raise money or if we can be of service to you, no matter where you reside, please let us know. Your ideas and suggestions are most welcome.


Ann Robinson,
Executive Director CFRI

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