CF Camp: Balancing Social Needs and Health Concerns

Summer, 1994

Pseudomonas cepacia advisories have been appearing in various CF newsletters throughout the country. CFRI wishes to remind its members and friends that it has received medical advice which supports the sponsorship of the CF Summer Camp. Dr. Margaret Delano, CFRI's camp medical advisor, indicates that CFRI does "not allow camp attendance by children who have never acquired pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infection or by anyone who has antibiotic resistant or highly contagious types of lung infection such as Pseudomonas cepacia... There is an emphasis throughout camp on personal cleanliness, handwashing before meals, not handling other people's respiratory therapy equipment, drinking containers, etc. Many children, physicians and parents continue to feel that the risk of being without positive contact with others who have this disease is more serious than the minimal risk of cross-infection." The CF Camp was held August 15 through 20th in the Santa Cruz mountains at Boulder Creek, California.

Enzyme Products Recalled

Earlier this year, the FDA recalled pancreatic enzymes having more than 20,000 units of lipase. Details about the FDA high-strength enzyme recall reveal that enzymes from three manufacturers were recalled because of recent intestinal strictures associated with higher-strength enzyme products. The following products have been recalled:

If you have any questions about enzymes, please contact your physician.

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