Volunteers Make a Difference

By Ann Robinson, Spring 1994

Thank you to the Robert Burns Foundation which raised $800 for cystic fibrosis research in memory of Douglas Graham. The Robert Burns Charity held its 14th annual Robert Burns Dinner and Dance in San Jose to promote and perpetuate Scottish culture and to raise money for charities. Thank you to the five trustees, George Graham, Dennis and Bette Bedford, A. Muirhead and A. Dickinson whose efforts made this event possible.

Thank you to the many office volunteers who donate their talents and efforts to stuffing, stamping, doing data entry, processing money and many other essential jobs. Thanks to our faithful small staff of one full-time and two part-time workers who manage all of CFRI's daily business, fundraising solicitations, grant writing and many educational projects. Thank you to the thirteen members of the board who lead the organization with their fundraising and business skills.

Thank you to the over 400 Mother's Day Tea senders who sent out over 14,000 tea invitations to CFRI's 19th "pretend" tea last year. We appreciate your efforts and the help of the many office volunteers who helped raise over $165,000 for CF research and education. Thank you also to R.C. Bigelow, Inc. who donated 15,000 Darjeeling Blend tea bags to the tea non-event.

Help Conquer CF-Become a Tea Sender

You are invited to be a 1994 Mother's Day Tea sender. This is how the tea works: CFRI will send you invitations and envelopes that you address to your friends and relatives, then you return them unsealed to CFRI. Office volunteers enclose donated Bigelow tea bags, literature about cystic fibrosis and remit envelopes. The invitations are mailed first class.

Your invitations encourage friends to enjoy a cup of tea on Mother's Day, think about our children and adults who have CF, and consider sending gifts for research to control this disease. We hope to raise even more than $165,000 this year. If you would like to send tea invitations, please complete the Action Coupon and return it to the CFRI office. If you have any questions, call Ann Robinson at (415) 856-0546.

Why We Need More Volunteers

CFRI exists because people like you are committed to making a difference and to finding a control for cystic fibrosis. Because you know someone with CF, think of how much that person will appreciate your support. Volunteering is a good way to help that special family member or friend.

Volunteering is also a good way to use your skills without a five-day-per-week commitment. It is a chance to do work that matters with other interesting adults in a supportive environment. Our largest group of volunteers are seniors who enjoy getting out and contributing to a great cause. If you want to make a difference, please contact Ann Swanson, our volunteer coordinator, at (415) 858-0675.

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