Summer Camp Success

Fall 1994

This year's Summer Camp for 68 children and adults with CF was another memorable event sponsored by CFRI. Assets this year included two staff physicians including Dr. Meg DeLano, our infection control specialist, and Dr. Jonah Kramer. Linda Johnson, our on-site physical therapist, trained and co-supervised thumpers in physiotherapy (PT). Mike Whitehurst was our Activities Director. Dan Hunter, our attending respiratory therapist, co-supervised PT, gave training and practice with PEP therapy and introduced the newly FDA-approved Flutter. And our thumpers (including 23 adults with CF) helped provide a supportive and fun-filled atmosphere for the children.

The children had a wonderful visit with Dr. Steven Shak (father of DNase) and his family who visited the camp for a 24-hour period. Campers showered him with attention, performed a skit about his discovery of DNase, presented him with both a plaque and T-shirt signed by all the campers, and gave him several standing ovations (with loud calls of "Shak attack" from the audience). Dr. Shak returned the affection with talks to small groups, a slinky untangling contest (to educate the kids about DNA), and by participating in their treasure hunt.

Other activities included an appearance by Kim Myers, an impressive race car driver who has CF. She brought her stock car "65 Roses." Also rap sessions with John Bartelt, Ph.D., were encouraging and heartfelt.

Skits about infection control (using chocolate pudding to represent germs) were highly memorable. Two international adults with CF attended this year's camp: Metta Walderhaug from Norway and Sandra Gallego from Spain were delightful additions to the group.

Finally, this year's camp provided a forum for parents of CF children to gather at a reception, stay for lunch and hear the latest updates on the status of CF research. There was indeed, something for everyone!

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