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CFRI produces educational events that update the CF community with new information and support patients and caregivers with practical advice on maintaining optimal health with cystic fibrosis.


CFRI’s National Family Cystic Fibrosis Education Conference is held each summer in Redwood City, California. Our conference brings together adults with cystic fibrosis, caregivers, experts and researchers for three days where a variety of cystic fibrosis topics are explored through presentations, panel discussions and support groups. It is an interactive and informative experience for all participants.

CFRI's 27th National Family Cystic Fibrosis Education Conference is scheduled for August 1-3, 2014 at Sofitel in Redwood City, CA. Please stayed tuned for details.


Our Teen and Adult Retreat is for those with cystic fibrosis and significant supporters is held each August in Menlo Park, California. The program includes lectures, rap sessions, physical activities, arts & crafts and fun in a safe environment.

Please visit our website periodically for updates. To join the Retreat group on Facebook, please send your request to and we will add you to the group's page.

CF Discovery Series

The CF Discovery SeriesTM is an informative and engaging program designed to educate and uplift those with cystic fibrosis. Through interactive presentations with experts in the field, those living with cystic fibrosis gain information in a setting which encourages camaraderie and community. You can attend these events in person. Guests attending in person must follow CFRI's Infection Control Policy. You can also view presentations and ask your questions online via CFRIlive! To watch presentations online, please go to the following link:

General Membership Meeting

Our annual General Membership Meeting, held in May each year, provides the opportunity for members to participate in CFRI business planning and to benefit from educational and topical speakers. These presentations cover a wide range of diverse topics which include: medical and pipeline updates, the genetics of cystic fibrosis, insurance issues and special needs trusts. To view this year's presentation, click here.

CFRI regularly participates in education days at other institutions. We alert our readers to local and national events that are of educational value for our cystic fibrosis community.

Questions? Please contact us: or 650.404.9975.

For the CF Journey

I have been attending CFRI's camps and retreats for over 15 years. CFRI is one of the only organizations in the country that values the benefits of people with CF gathering together to support each other. Their strict protocols for hygiene and safety regarding cross-infection make this possible.

At Retreat we learn about new treatments, coping skills, and medical aspects of our illness. We enjoy delicious and nutritious meals, exercise activities, and creative art experiences. Most importantly, we explore how CF affects our lives, relationships, and emotional development. At Retreat, I laugh more than any other time during the year, but can also grieve and remember those friends with CF whom I have lost.

I leave Retreat feeling like I have charged my batteries to face the world with hope and confidence. The CFRI community at Retreat are like family. I am extremely grateful to CFRI for sponsoring this event.

Anabel Stenzel,
Adult with CF
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