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CF Discovery Series

CFRI broadcasts presentations online live to give
viewers like you the opportunity to ask questions from home.

CF Discovery Series presentations take place at CFRI’s offices in Palo Alto and are live-streamed to the national CF community. To attend the event in person, please contact us at or (650) 665-7576 for more information. To watch the presentation online, go to

Some of our recent presentations have been recorded and are also available for you to watch on YouTube at the following link:

Past Presentations:

"Fungi in CF - Observers or Actors? "
by Rick Moss, MD, previous Director of the CF Center at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

If you missed our final CF Discovery Series presentation for 2016, no worries! A recording of this excellent presentation is available. Dr. Moss spoke about his recent research which has focused on allergic fungal lung disease. Hear the latest news on this increasingly common CF pathogen. To watch this presentation now, click here.

"CF Quality of Life – A Living Legacy to Peter and Kathy Judge"

by Meg Dvorak, LCSW, Adult CF Center at Stanford
Meg spoke about mental health issues common amongst those with CF and their loved ones and CFRI’s responsive programs which are proving effective in improving CF quality of life

"Youngsters with Cystic Fibrosis: An Argument for Treating while Healthy"
Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 6:00pm - 7:00pm PST
Speaker: Jeffrey Wine, PhD

"Gastrointestinal Health & Cystic Fibrosis: An Integrated Approach"
Tuesday, February 9, 2016, 6:00pm - 7:00pm PST
Speakers: Michelle Stroebe, MS, RD, and CFRI-funded researcher Sara Modlin
Michelle and Sara discussed the prevention and management of CF-related GI issues, including DIOS.

"Organ Donation: The Gift of Life”
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 6:00 p.m. PST
The Facts about Organization Donation
by Noel Sanchez, California Donor Transplant Network
Film Premier: Spirit
Elyse Elconin Goldberg's Journey
The Gift of Breath, My Journey to a Double Lung Transplant
by Elyse Elconin Goldberg

"Integrative Medicine and CF"
Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST
Guest Speaker: John Mark, MD,
Dr. Mark, Pediatric Pulmonologist at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, shared his extensive knowledge of integrative medicine and its complementary use in conjunction with CF medical regimens.

"Gastrointestinal Challenges in Cystic Fibrosis: Enzymes, Laxatives and Beyond"
Tuesday, February 10, 2015, 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST
Guest Speaker: Julie Matel, MS, RD, CDE, Clinical Dietitian
Ms. Matel will share the latest treatments and strategies for those with cystic fibrosis to maintain gastrointestinal health.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for the CF Community

Tuesday, November- 11, 2014, 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST
Guest Speaker: Dr. Julie Desch
Dr. Desch will discuss the benefits of mindfulness-based stress reduction, a program which combines meditation, body awareness and yoga to help people with anxiety, depression and stress – issues that impact many members of the CF community.

"Taking CF to College: Resources & Tools for Success"
Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST
Guest speaker: Karla Larson
Karla Larson, Counselor/Academic Advisor - Accessible Education Center, San Jose State University, and Roni Zieger, MD, at Smart Patients (, share important information and resources to help college students with CF.

"Exploring Health Outcomes in Hispanic Patients with CF in California"
Tuesday, September 9, 2014, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. PST
Guest Speaker: MyMy Buu, MD
Dr. Buu will discuss how she is improving the understanding of health status and outcomes in Hispanic patients with CF.
After Dr. Buu's presentation, Marianela Fajardo Gonzales will share her experiences as a mother of two children with CF and her advocacy for Spanish-speaking families with CF.

CF & Reproduction: Options for Parenting
Tuesday, March 11, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. PST
Guest Speaker: Carolyn R. Givens, M.D.
Dr. Givens’ focus will be how Assisted reproductive technologies allow CF patients and CF carriers to have healthy children. She will also cover some gynecologic health issues such as chronic yeast infections in young CF women on antibiotic therapy and avoidance of STDs.

Stanford Cystic Fibrosis Education Day 2014
Stanford Cystic Fibrosis Center 14th Annual Education Day
March 1, 2014

"Addressing the Basic Defect in CF:
Exploring New Avenues"

Dennis W. Nielson, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Chief, Division of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine
Director, Cystic Fibrosis Center
University of California, San Francisco

"Your CF Pharmacist:
A Critical Member of the Healthcare Team"

Kathy Yang, Pharm.D., M.P.H.,
Associate Clinical Professor,
UCSF School of Pharmacy

"Dancing on the High Wire: Raising A Successful CF Warrior."
Siri Vaeth-Dunn,
MSW Patient Advocate and Parent Mentor
October 2013

Stanford's 13th CF Education Day (Keynote Speaker)
"Correcting the Basic Defect: A New Era of CF Treatments" - Steve Rowe, M.D.

Stanford's 13th CF Education Day (Pediatric Sessions)
"Transition Program" - Mary Helmers, R.N.
"The CF Newborn" - Jackie Zirbes, D.N.P., R.N.
"Stopping the Spread of Germs: Infection Control Guidelines at LPCH" - MyMy Buu, M.D.
"Infection Control at Home" - Carlos Milla, M.D.

Stanford's 13th CF Education Day (CF Adult Sessions)
"DIOS -- An Update" - Elika Rad, R.N., N.P.
"CF and ART: Where Worlds Collide" -
Carolyn Givens, M.D.
"Looking Beyond Lungs: Integrating Depression into the CF Care Model" - Meg Dvorak, L.C.S.W.

"Parenting When You Have Cystic Fibrosis "
Laura Steuer, Parent living with cystic fibrosis
M.A. Education, Stanford
Chairperson, Stanford Adult CF Advisory Council

"Tools to Managing Diabetes: An Introduction to the Cystic Fibrosis Community"
Tamar Sofer-Geri, Founder, Carb DM

"Kindness to Self: A CF Caregiver's Guide "
Jim Mulvaney, F.T.,
Special Services Director of KARA

"Providing Best Care for Adults with Cystic Fibrosis"
Michael Boyle, M.D., F.C.C.P.,
Director, Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program,
Assistant Professor of Medicine,
The Johns Hopkins Institutions, Baltimore, MD

"Kicking Butt with Cystic Fibrosis at 67"
Paul Quinton, Ph.D.,
Professor of Biomedical Sciences,
University of California, San Diego

"The Who, What, When, Why of
Eating Disorders - and Cystic Fibrosis"

Kathleen Kara Fitzpatrick, M.D.,
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

"At Last -- Fixing the Basic Defect in Cystic Fibrosis"
Jeffrey Wine, Ph.D.,
Director, Cystic Fibrosis Research Laboratory
Stanford University

"Bone Health and Disease in Cystic Fibrosis"
Laura K. Bachrach, M.D.,
Stanford University School of Medicine

"Diagnosis and Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis Allergic BronchoPulmonary Aspergillosis (ABPA)"
Rick Moss , M.D., Professor of Pediatrics,
Pulmonology and Allergy Center,
Stanford Medical Center

"Airway Clearance -- on the GO!"

Kristin Shelton, R.C.P., R.T.,
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

"Understanding Genetics in Cystic Fibrosis"

Anabel Stenzel, M.S., C.G.C., Perinatal Diagnostic Center at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

"Holistic Care and Cystic Fibrosis"

John Mark, M.D., Clinical Professor of Pediatrics Pulmonary Medicine Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

"Successful Transition: Ride With Us!"

Kathy Gelsey, CF Coordinator from the Advanced Lung Disease Clinic at Stanford Medical Center

"Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes (CFRD)"

Tracey McLaughlin, Assistant Professor and
Attending in the Dept. of Endocrinology at
Stanford Medical Center

"Fasten Your Seatbelt: Travelling with Cystic Fibrosis"

Anabel Stenzel and Isa Stenzel Byrnes,
Twin Sisters with CF and
Authors of "The Power of Two"

Getting A Good Night's Sleep
Nanci Yuan, M.D., Stanford Medical Center

"Understanding Cystic Fibrosis Organisms and Antibiotic Therapies"
Ellen Jo Baron, Ph.D., Associate Director of Clinical Microbiology Deepak Sisodiya, Clinical Pharm. D., Stanford Medical Center

"Cystic Fibrosis and Emotional Health"
Meg Dvorak, L.C.S.W., and Dr. Justin Birnbaum,
Department of Psychiatry, Stanford Medical Center

Managing Pain: Alternatives

Tracey Mallick-Searle, N.P., Pain Management at Stanford Medical Center

"Supportive Care through All Aspects of Life:
Looking at Palliative Care Options"

Judy Passaglia, R.N., M.S., A.C.H.P.N., and
Sandy Chan, L.C.S.W., Palliative Care Team at
Stanford Medical Center

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