The retreat is designed to provide a safe and welcoming environment aimed at enhancing positive coping skills, social support and education for people who share common experiences with CF.




Who May Attend
CF Adults and Teens with CF (15 and older) may attend provided their recent sputum cultures have been approved by a CF physician. Teens 15-17 may attend with a parent or guardian.

We welcome non-CF siblings of people with CF, friends, family members, health care providers, and anyone else interested in attending.
All visitors must have a retreat attendee sponsor.

Due to possible cross infection, all participants with CF are required to obtain a sputum culture before the start of the retreat. People who have ever cultured Burkholderia cepacia, cultured  Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) within the past 2 years, or are currently resistant to all antibiotics will not be allowed to attend the retreat.
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Vallombrosa Retreat Center,
Menlo Park, California.
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At retreat we strive to provide a safe environment for all that attend.  We take all precautions and use the 3-foot rule with all CF attendees.  Food is served by non-CF individuals, while hand sanitizer , tissue, and masks are provided at all activities.  We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain a safe and secure environment for CF individuals to be together. Accommodations are individual rooms with a private bathroom. CF individuals are not to enter eachother's rooms, or socialize while while doing nebulizers or airway clearance. Abiding by these guidelines we stay safe and have fun!

Medical Safety is our priority. Stanford Hospital is a 5 minute drive away, and a medical professional is available at the retreat at all times.


























teen and adult retreat

Retreat Theme
The theme sets the atmosphere of the retreat. All activities are planned according to the year’s theme. Dinner time is an exciting affair, as we encourage dressing up in costume. Please stay tuned for details about the schedule for this year's retreat!


Recreational activities include sports events, arts and crafts, swimming and hiking Click Here to see Activities

Daily rap sessions provide psychosocial support throughout the week. Many attendees declare this to be the most essential and "best part of retreat"

Educational workshops on self-care, CF medical interventions and other related topics are held throughout the week.

Staying active is important, and fun exercise activities are scheduled throughout the week Click Here to see fun exercise

The retreat provides three high calorie meals a day. A CF event would not be complete without copious amounts of snacks available 24/7

Retreat Photo
Retreat Photo